Seasons change

Seasons change

Strangely enough, this is the past that somebody in the future is going to return to.

I started this blog in April 2011. Incredibly, in the almost two years since then, I have written over 710 posts. From a few loyal followers who came across here from my previous blog, madderinmada, my readership has grown to over 1400 (although I don’t kid myself that all of them do actually read it!)

In this time I’ve blogged about the mundane and the miraculous, introduced people to my travels, my city Pretoria, my Madagascar, my family, my church and my photography.

Just one month in I was Freshly Pressed for the first of several times – which is where I gained many of my followers. And my most-read post was (ironically) not even something I wrote – “To My Favorite 17-Year-Old High School Girl by Billy Collins” – but which did include some of my photos, and which brought even more readers to my blog.

I have loved creating this daily blog, and have really enjoyed getting to know some of the people who stopped by here often. But now it’s time to end … I have one more post that I would like to write – but I’m just waiting to get all of the facts together, and the permission to post it. I may write it; I may not.

Why the change? Why not just stick around here churning out posts?

In just a few weeks I will hopefully be leaving for Canada for at least six months. I will start a new blog (tentatively titled Perambulating in the People’s Republic of Canuckistan) as a kind of online diary – for my friends to keep in touch – and for them to enjoy my exploits vicariously with me. There I will most definitely not be blogging daily and the majority of posts will probably be quite mundane. But I am looking forward to experiencing a new country with eyes wide open; and my trusted camera at my side.

Join me there in a week or two if you can find me, and if not, thanks for sticking around for as long as you did.

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9 thoughts on “Seasons change

  1. Thanks for each and every post Rob – you know what they have meant to us over here…

  2. I will miss logging on in the morning and getting my daily dose of entertainment. You are very talented, brother! Keep up the blogging …

  3. J’espère que tu nous enverras une notification avec ton nouveau post sur la Canada, car bien entendu, cela m’intéresse énormément… J’espère que tu y feras de jolies rencontres et que tu nous diras ce que tu y fais, bises belges…

  4. Hey Rob, i’ll be keeping an eye open for your amazing new Canadakustan blog and all the best with the move !

  5. Just to add to the sibling praise… Firstly congratulations on the longevity of and the variety in your blog – it should be no surpise that it has such a following. Then good luck with the trip, and with the future blogging from the frozen north. I look forward to reading the blog and seeing the pics, albeit from a distance.

  6. Thanks for all the great photos…I’ve enjoyed getting a glimpse of a part of the world that I have never visited. (maybe someday).

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